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Fleet and Equipment GPS Tracking
  InfoHub™ InfoHub™ for Dealers InfoHub™ Enterprise
Gas-Powered (Mowers, Fertilizer Applicators, etc.)
Diesel-Powered (Skid Steers, Backhoes, etc.)
Vehicles (Trucks, Vans, Dump Trucks, Cars)
Real-Time Equipment GPS Location
Real-Time Equipment Operating Status
Equipment Speed Monitoring
Live Traffic Conditions
Historical GPS Equipment Tracking
Traditional Map or Satellite View
Equipment Engine Run-Time Tracking
Demo Fleet Tracking    
Rental Fleet Tracking    
Floorplan Check Assistance    
Equipment Utilization
Equipment Maintenance Tracking
  InfoHub™ InfoHub™ for Dealers InfoHub™ Enterprise
Custom Maintenance Schedules
Recurring Maintenance Schedules
Engine Run-Time, Odometer or Time-Based Schedules
Maintenance Due Reminders
Fleet and Equipment Alerts
  InfoHub™ InfoHub™ for Dealers InfoHub™ Enterprise
InfoHub Tracking Device Connected Alert
InfoHub Tracking Device Disconnected Alert
Equipment Battery Level Alert
Excessive Speed Alert
After-Hours or Unauthorized Use Alert
Geofence Entry Alert  
Geofence Exit Alert  
Dashboard Recent Alert Overview
Customizable Alerts
Email or Text Message Alerts
Geofence Technology
  InfoHub™ InfoHub™ for Dealers InfoHub™ Enterprise
Customizable Geofences  
Unlimited Geofences  
Customer Jobsite Geofencing    
Business Reports
  InfoHub™ InfoHub™ for Dealers InfoHub™ Enterprise
Maintenance History Report
Maintenance Schedule Report
Alert History Report
Geofence Entry Report  
Geofence Exit Report  
Profitability Reports    
Efficiency Reports    
Jobsite Reports    
Arrival/Departure Report    
Crew/Equipment Profitability Report    
Equipment Utilization Report    
Routing and Scheduling
  InfoHub™ InfoHub™ for Dealers InfoHub™ Enterprise
Route Builder    
Recurring Routes    
Daily Schedule Timeline    
Daily Progress Dashboard    
One-Click Route Print/Email Delivery    
Job Bidding and Jobsite Analysis
  InfoHub™ InfoHub™ for Dealers InfoHub™ Enterprise
Satellite Property Views    
Draw/Measure Site Boundaries    
Draw/Measure Non-Serviceable Areas    
Draw/Measure Linear Trim Footage    
Automated Service Area Calculator    
Custom Proposal Builder    
Additional Features
  InfoHub™ InfoHub™ for Dealers InfoHub™ Enterprise
Customizable Portal (Weather, News, etc.)
Customizable Quick-View Status Dashboard
Self-Help Articles
Video Tutorials
Customer Information Storage    
Crew Information Storage    
Landscape Fleet Information Storage    
Demo Fleet Information Storage    
Rental Fleet Information Storage    
Loaner Fleet Information Storage    
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Maintenance Tracking

InfoHub™ tracks equipment run-time and sends you reminders when it’s time for maintenance activity.

Live Fleet Tracking

Monitor your equipment (gas, diesel, or vehicle) with real-time GPS location and operating status.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I use InfoHub in months when I’m not cutting grass?

Yes, absolutely. We know that every landscape business is different. The offseason is a great time to review efficiency reports from the previous season, view maintenance activity and create new maintenance schedules. Also, InfoHub can monitor snow-removal equipment!

Can I install InfoHub myself?

We recommend utilizing a local dealer or trained small engine mechanic to complete the installation of InfoHub, but installation instructions are provided with each device at the time of purchase. A typical InfoHub installation can be completed in less than 10 minutes.

Can I customize InfoHub to my business needs?

InfoHub provides an extensive list of customizable features, so you can customize your account to suit your business needs. For example, you can create and schedule custom business reports, equipment alerts (maintenance, speeding, unauthorized use, low battery, etc.) and more.

How do I receive new updates to my InfoHub software?

InfoHub is cloud-based. All updates are automatic and will not require any user interaction. The hardware device can also be updated remotely without any interaction from the user.