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Fleet and Equipment GPS Tracking
  InfoHub™ InfoHub™ for Dealers
Gas-Powered (Mowers, Fertilizer Applicators, etc.)
Diesel-Powered (Skid Steers, Backhoes, etc.)
Vehicles (Trucks, Vans, Dump Trucks, Cars)
Real-Time Equipment GPS Location
Real-Time Equipment Operating Status
Equipment Speed Monitoring
Live Traffic Conditions
Historical GPS Equipment Tracking
Traditional Map or Satellite View
Equipment Engine Run-Time Tracking
Demo Fleet Tracking  
Rental Fleet Tracking  
Floorplan Check Assistance  
Equipment Utilization
Equipment Maintenance Tracking
  InfoHub™ InfoHub™ for Dealers
Custom Maintenance Schedules
Recurring Maintenance Schedules
Engine Run-Time, Odometer or Time-Based Schedules
Maintenance Due Reminders
Fleet and Equipment Alerts
  InfoHub™ InfoHub™ for Dealers
InfoHub Tracking Device Connected Alert
InfoHub Tracking Device Disconnected Alert
Equipment Battery Level Alert
Excessive Speed Alert
After-Hours or Unauthorized Use Alert
Geofence Entry Alert  
Geofence Exit Alert  
Dashboard Recent Alert Overview
Customizable Alerts
Email or Text Message Alerts
Geofence Technology
  InfoHub™ InfoHub™ for Dealers
Customizable Geofences  
Unlimited Geofences  
Business Reports
  InfoHub™ InfoHub™ for Dealers
Maintenance History Report
Maintenance Schedule Report
Alert History Report
Geofence Entry Report  
Geofence Exit Report  
Additional Features
  InfoHub™ InfoHub™ for Dealers
Customizable Portal (Weather, News, etc.)
Customizable Quick-View Status Dashboard
Self-Help Articles
Video Tutorials
Demo Fleet Information Storage  
Rental Fleet Information Storage  
Loaner Fleet Information Storage  
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