Estimate Your Savings with InfoHub™* 

*Calculator based on pilot customer experience, interviews and assumptions of time and cost savings. Actual time and cost savings will vary based on factors including the size of crews, size of sites, and proximity to sites. Crew efficiency savings (ex. reduced scheduling time, reduced bidding time, identification of inefficient crew behavior) assumes average time savings per job site of 3.5 minutes. Administrative savings (ex. reduced time of recording arrival/departure times, crew time verifications, etc.) assumes typical time saving of back-office tasks of 2.4 minutes per customer per month. Year 1 savings includes the one-time cost of InfoHub gateway device ($229) and a one-year subscription ($22.99). Year 2 savings includes the cost of annual subscription only.

InfoHub for Commercial Turf has pricing packages to fit your business needs. See the chart below, or contact our sales team for additional pricing details or specific pricing.

Cost Per Unit
Monthly Subscription by Fleet Size**
Contract Term Up to 20 Units 21+ Units
Month to Month $22.99 Email
or call 833-INFOHUB
to speak with an InfoHub
team member

Access to Features

  • Job bidding and jobsite analysis
  • Route scheduling, planning and visibility
  • Dashboard overview and real-time alerts
  • Employee and equipment tracking
  • Proof of service notifications
  • Equipment maintenance tracking
  • Profitability and efficiency reports

+75 additional platform features

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*Limited time offer, extended until 6/29/2018. After 6/29/2018, MSRP of unit is $259.95.

**Subscription price is per unit, per month.

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