Where do I purchase InfoHub?

We recommend purchasing InfoHub for Commercial Turf by visiting your local InfoHub dealer. You can find authorized dealers in your area by visiting our Dealer Locator. Your dealer will be able to assist you with installation. If you do not have an authorized dealer in your area, you can purchase InfoHub by calling 833-INFOHUB, and we can walk you through the process.

How can InfoHub help save me more money?

InfoHub’s suite of tools were designed to help landscape companies reduce time waste and easily understand their profitability by jobsite. A few examples:

  • The dashboard provides a manager with an instant snapshot view of how crews are progressing throughout the day (percentage of jobs completed, time spent cutting vs. time spent on the road, etc.)
  • Live tracking on the equipment eliminates time spent calling crews, driving to sites or even hiring additional staff to monitor crew activity in the field
  • Instant or on-demand reporting shows whether a job was profitable or not, the moment a crew departs the location
  • Satellite bidding tools allow a manager to analyze a property and deliver a customized proposal to a new customer, without ever having to leave their desk

For a full listing of InfoHub’s capabilities, visit the Solutions section to learn more.

Can I use InfoHub in months when I’m not cutting grass?

Yes, absolutely. We know that every cutting business is different. The offseason is a great time to set schedules and routes ahead of the upcoming season, run profitability reports from the previous year, view maintenance activity and schedules to prevent equipment downtime and much more. 

How do I receive new updates to my InfoHub software?

InfoHub is cloud-based. All updates are automatic and will not require any user interaction. The hardware device can also be updated remotely without any interaction from the user.

How easy is it to add more InfoHub devices to my fleet?

Very easy. Simply follow the same process as your initial device purchase by visiting a local dealer or calling 833-INFOHUB to order additional devices. After installing, follow instructions in the set-up guide to add the new devices to your existing account.

Can I get a discount on the subscription with multiple units?

The monthly subscription for InfoHub is $22.99 per month for a fleet with less than 20 units. For fleets with more than 20 units, contact us at 833-INFOHUB for specific pricing.

Can I install InfoHub myself?

We recommend utilizing a local dealer or trained small engine mechanic to complete the installation of InfoHub, but installation instructions are provided with each device at the time of purchase. A typical InfoHub installation can be completed in less than 10 minutes.

Does InfoHub™ keep a tracking history?

Yes, the built-in​ ​h​istory feature shows a full snapshot of equipment activity for any day in the past 18 months, down to the mowing pattern at a customer's job site. You can also use the​ ​playback controls to review the path the operator took with equipment, and the operating speed of the unit.

Can I customize InfoHub™?

InfoHub™ provides an extensive list of customizable features, so you can customize your account to suit your business needs. For example, you can create and schedule custom business reports, equipment alerts (maintenance, speeding, unauthorized use, low battery, etc.) and new job bids or proposals.

Can I view and compare job site locations?

Yes, InfoHub's™ job site comparison provides visibility into similarities between job sites based on area, services and proximity to other locations.​ ​This allows you to make better decisions when quoting new jobs or managing the efficiency of your crews.

Can I create and send proposals with InfoHub™?

Yes! You can create customer proposals​ by creating a proposal template, which you can customize with pricing, service notes, and activity (maintenance, fall clean-up, etc.). The job bidding tool allows you to map or draw a property, exclude non-serviceable areas, and add linear trim areas. The system will automatically calculate the surface area for the job so you can quickly assign a bid amount, generate a proposal and deliver to your customer.

Can InfoHub™ help with routing or scheduling?

Yes, InfoHub's scheduling feature allows you to pass tasks onto your crew until the task is completed. Creating a daily schedule is easy. Simply select jobs from your customer list, drag and drop in the order you would like crews to complete the jobs, calculate work and travel times, and assign to a crew. You can create and maintain routes for your crews that can be scheduled, modified, repeated and printed.