What is InfoHub?

InfoHub is a business optimization tool designed to drive efficiency, productivity and profitability into a commercial cutting business. 

What can InfoHub do?

InfoHub offers such benefits as:

  • Real-time crew AND equipment tracking
  • Automated maintenance reminders based on actual usage
  • Proof of service, including mowing patter validation
  • Instant notification of unauthorized use, including theft

Can InfoHub only be used on Briggs & Stratton® engines?

InfoHub can be used on any gasoline-powered engine as long as it had a battery and spark plug. InfoHub is also available for any diesel engines, regardless of brand, as long as they have a battery and an electric fuel pump. And in support of full-fleet tracking, InfoHub is also available as an OBD, or on-board diagnostic tool, to track vehicles.

How is InfoHub's tracking functionality different from the other programs on the market?

InfoHub takes landscape asset tracking to another level. Not only can InfoHub track fleet vehicles, but gasoline and diesel-powered equipment as well. The result is real-time location of equipment, providing landscapers unprecedented visibility into the activity of their fleets and crews. The tracking functionality also allows the landscaper to see historical location of the asset, see engine run time and utilization and configure maintenance schedules to prevent downtime.

Does InfoHub use bluetooth, wi-fi, cellular?

InfoHub is a 100% cellular solution, which enables landscapers to see the location of their equipment no matter how far away it is from their trailer, truck or office.

How often does InfoHub deliver data updates?

InfoHub is a cloud and web-based solution, meaning any updates to the hardware device or platform can be done over-the-air, without any requirement to bring in the machine that is being tracked.

Do I need licenses to use InfoHub? How many people at my business can access InfoHub?

The InfoHub platform is subscription-based by company. This means that a company using InfoHub can have unlimited logins and users.

Can I move my InfoHub device from unit to unit?

Yes. The InfoHub hardware is fully-transferable. Simply re-install on the new unit and update the information in the InfoHub portal to ensure you're monitoring the new unit.

How are InfoHub payments managed?

InfoHub pricing uses a monthly payment/subscription model. There are no up-front fees for hardware or set-up. 

Does InfoHub come with a warranty?

Yes, each InfoHub hardware device is backed by a 1-year limited warranty.

Does InfoHub have a mobile app?

Because the InfoHub portal is web-based, you can access InfoHub anywhere with an internet connection. Simply use the same website (InfoHubCT.com) to access your account by desktop, mobile or tablet.

Can InfoHub be used in months when crews are not typically working (cutting grass, etc.)?

Yes. We know that every business is different. The offseason is a great time to run and customize reports to view previous activity, configure maintenance schedules, set alerts for the upcoming season, install new InfoHub hardware or move InfoHub hardware to new units. 

How does installation work?

InfoHub can be installed in less than ten minutes. Installation instructions and videos are provided with each device at the time of purchase.

How long does it take to install InfoHub?

A typical InfoHub installation can be completed in less than 10 minutes.