Profitability & Efficiency

You want to be able to monitor your turf business to make sure it’s running well and making money. InfoHub™ not only makes that possible, but it makes it easy.

InfoHub takes the available data on customers, crews, equipment, and expenses and compiles it into customizable, easy-to-understand reports and charts. View profitability by job site or customer. Manage operating expenses. Review alert reports, maintenance schedules, and more. Set-up and save for later, run-on demand, or schedule to receive at a time of your choosing. You set the criteria, so you can get exactly the information you need to optimize efficiency – and maximize profits.

Instant Profitability Reporting - Know you’ve profited or lost, the second your crew leaves a job
Crew Efficiency Metrics - See exact times crews arrive and depart a location
Exception-Based Reporting - Break through the clutter and see which job sites are losing money