Stacks of forms, piles of job tickets, handwritten daily assignments, and entry after entry into spreadsheets. These are typical, time-consuming tasks for a commercial cutter. Now, InfoHub™ can turn these mountains of work into a few clicks. 

The automated scheduling feature optimizes route planning through a simple, yet robust, interface. Review job lists and plan work assignments with just a click. Access job bids to help calculate cutting and travel time for each customer. Review or revise daily routes, to maximize your crew’s cutting time with the mapping tool. Just print or email the daily work instructions to your crews and they’re ready to go. Apply work assignments to following weeks with a Save/Repeat feature. It’s easy. And it’s smart.

Schedule Optimization - Configure daily schedules based on optimal travel and job site time
On-Demand Routing - Identify closest crews and send to an urgent customer location
Paperless Scheduling - Review, print or email daily schedules to crews