Running your landscape business isn't easy, or cheap. Between labor expenses, purchasing new equipment, and maintaining your fleet, the costs can add up quickly. Protecting your investments and managing your labor is just good business. And now, it's affordable. Introducing InfoHub™, an easy-to-use equipment tracking program designed to help you keep eyes on your assets and labor to improve efficiency and mitigate risk.

InfoHub™ Features
Packages starting at $12.99/month (plus hardware)
Fleet Equipment Tracking
Gas-powered (mowers, fertilizer applicators, etc.)
Diesel-powered (skid steers, backhoes, chippers, etc.)
Vehicles (trucks, vans, cars)
Fleet Maintenance
Maintenance activity scheduling
Maintenance due reminders
Fleet Reports
Maintenance history report
Maintenance schedule report
Fleet productivity report
Alert history report
Geofence entry/exit report
Customizable Fleet Alerts
InfoHub™ device connected alert
InfoHub™ device disconnected alert
Equipment battery alert
Excessive speed alert
Unauthorized use alert (after-hours, weekends, etc.)